Music is a gift from God, play it y’all!”

Jodi Harbin

Jodi Harbin, purveyor of band colloquialisms and occasional whatnot, is originally from Georgia and currently lives in East Tennessee with her fine flat picking husband, Tim Harbin. Jodi grew her bluegrass wings as a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with the hard touring Colorado outfit, “Lonesome Traveler”. She has a degree in soil conservation, can sight-read Hindemith and is not afraid of the dark. Harbin joined the band in 2017, signing on for the band’s  official IBMA showcases and never looking back. We can’t remember not knowing each other so we are theorizing that the trio must have first met sometime in the 70’s in the back of mama’s old Ford Grenada. 

Jodi is a proud member of the Museum of Appalachia Band and teaches all instruments privately in TN and with Tracy’s IN THE JAM MUSIC program. She travels far and near teaching at camps in Canada and the US and serves as a piano accompanist at nearby universities and churches. 

An avid jammer who can be found in circles all over the country, from Steve Kaufman’s Kaufman Kamp to the Walnut Valley festival in Winfield, KS. Jodi is one of those people you might see well…anywhere! On the road, people are taken aback by Jodi’s versatile mandolin and bass skills; from traditional old time to the hard driving and spunky bluegrass and country moans. When not touring or teaching Jodi enjoys her life in East Tennessee as a wife and stepmom to Isaac and Luke. 

Jodi’s influences include the Great Roland White; Tim O’Brian, Hazel Dickens, Norman Blake, Claire Lynch, and…her mama 

In the band: In addition to vocals and mandolin (and really whatever needs doing), Jodi is the road manager of sorts...if yer panties aren’t dry, when its time to leave - we’ll stop and buy you a new pair (provided we can leave 5 minutes early!) Jodi also handles contracts, contacts, instagram and road managing. Jodi holds the band record for, “generally correct information on a wide variety of subjects”.